domingo, 31 de diciembre de 2006


Things flow,
Things come and go
They grow, they wane
I know that well,
I know tomorrow I'll fade away

I've known of joy,
I've learnt to cry
I've learnt to wait for you,
And say goodbye

I know it's time,
and want to stay
But you can't hug people
That want you away

So I've come to know
That's hard to change
But life just flows
And no one cares...

I couldn't have you yesterday,
I still can't have you today,
I won't have you tomorrow
Do the bad things never change?

But most things change,
I've strived to learn
So I'll try to accept
That even love grows and wanes...

So perhaps I loved you yesterday,
Perhaps today I love you more
Perhaps yesterday you loved me greatly,
Perhaps today you love me not.

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Luciano dijo...

Escrito en un McDonald's, herido de sus puñaladas, sediento de su cariño...